Oily Sump Pit Visual Inspection

This procedure is to be used to visually inspect the interior of the sump pit using a deployable camera and light system. The equipment used is Intrinsically safe to acquire the data and the footage is viewed evaluated and recorded safely from the control room. The purpose is to assess the current state of the pit and determine if any maintenance or shut-down is required. The inspection is done using ATEX and IEC CERTIFICATES with certified operators and ASNT VTLIII. Reference is to below:

  • Visual Testing Handbook Vol. I & II (American Society for Non-Destructive Testing),
  • ASME B & PV Code – Section V, Article 9     2021 Edition
  • API 650
  • API 653

Following are the inspections:

  • Surface cracks  
  • Pittings  
  • Corrosion  
  • Deformation  
  • Cavitation  
  • Mechanical damage  
  • Blisters  
  • Cracking