Providing Safe, Accurate, and Efficient Facility Pipeline Inspections Since 2004

Diakont’s inspection technicians are experts at deploying RODIS inspection crawlers into challenging piping systems, such as those found at gas compressor stations and petrochemical tank farms. Self-propelled and bi-directional, our RODIS crawlers can be deployed and retrieved from a single access point created for nearly any piping system via disassembled valves, cut spools or pipe ends, flanges, or various other means. Offering an array of ILI solutions that facilitate deploying the right tool for the right job, Diakont’s cutting edge robotic crawlers can be deployed into openings as small as 16” and can comprehensively inspect pipes as large as 55”.


Compressor Stations Piping System Inspection

Compressor stations are one of the largest sources of escaped emissions within natural gas transmission networks. Comprised of approximately 4,800’ of pipe and prone to leaks due to substantial mechanical and thermal stresses, compressor stations are notoriously dangerous and difficult to inspect. Using proven, high-accuracy inspection methods, Diakont provides in-line pipe inspection services for these facilities to uncover potential hazards, including:


Lack of fusion on girth welds

Stress cracking from corrosion (SCC)

The presence of efficiency-reducing foreign materials (such as those sometimes found in cooling unit manifolds) 

Tank Line Inspection Service

Pipeline installations at large chemical and petroleum product storage tank farms are considered difficult to access due to the limitations of traditionally utilized pigging tools for in-line inspection. For instance, these storage tanks are typically accessible only through nearby 24” gate valve openings and lack easy installation points for pig launchers or receivers. Diakont’s robotic ILI tools are deployed easily through these access points and driven out through the same opening, making our RODIS product line uniquely suited to this type of inspection. Our nondestructive examinations (NDE) of storage tank lines are ideal when the line is taken out of service during API 653 inspections.