Talal Alhamdaan


Our aim of  acquiring AFI company for industry was to create an entity independent in all aspects of Robot tank inspection, cleaning, Pipeline inspection and diversified API services aligned with our Saudi and GCC market demands and currently we are restructuring our capabilities to meet with the 2030 vision and for that we are demonstrating by practice and thrusting of high investments towards Robotics, damage assessment NDT system manufacturing 3DSL RHINO with wide solutions to the oil production under the well head monitoring systems and capacity of 3 D Structed light solutions. We are developing ourselves to be the one stop solution to every aspect of the Tank integrity management solutions (TIMS) and the 1st step was to sign a strategic partnership with the leader in Robot Tank inspection and Pipeline solutions “Diakont Advanced Technologies towards the Regional center of service excellence.
Our main pillar is our Team of Saudi experts who are participating effectively in the field and all in house activities.

Ahmed Saeed Alzahrani


ASH Group believes that providing Saudi made 3D imaging and robotic technologies will maintain speed, safe and cost-effective technological advancements, and add a great value to reach the goals of the Saudi 2030 vision and complying with IKTVA program as well as adding value to the Oil & Gas industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hence ASH Group invested with AFI company for Industry for local manufacturing of robotic systems for inspection. Side by side, ASH Group and AFI are working online with the Kingdom Vision 2030 towards the 4th industrial revolution with un-waivered commitment to have 90% of our total manpower by end of 2020 as Saudi experienced work force.

Our AFI robotics along with Diakont Advanced Technologies and SEIKOWAVE a Chevron technology ventures will design the path in the areas of TANK- Pipeline integrity management and Inspection along with the local manufacturing of the crack detection 3DSL Rhino and the Well head monitoring systems that is the leader in imaging of the surface abnormalities.

Rabieh Ghossainy

AFI General Manager

Since inception AFI was set to participate in the localization of Robot technologies and that was made possible by the Saudi Authorities to permit the establishing of AFI manufacturing of Robots and 3DSL Rhino devices. AFI succeeded with developing its own 100% Saudi team to cover the site interventions in both Robotics and 3 D Imaging then insure all training and quality assurance made to the Saudi talents to Manufacture and Assemble the latest solutions. AFI signed partnership agreement with leaders with over 25 years of manufacturing and patented solutions in the area of Robotics and Pipeline inspection that is Diakont Advanced Technologies. Further both companies are going towards conducting the 1st Hydrocarbon crude oil tanks robot inspection by early November 2021 in ARAMCO. The market tendency is moving rapidly toward the Robotic and 3D Imaging rapidly for the cost effectiveness and safe intervention. AFI developed the oily sump pit visual inspection with its ATEX Zone 0 system that was proven as new application in ARAMCO RTR and currently the company is seeking to implement the 1st trial on the well head monitoring online system with subpixel imaging capacities.